Monday, July 28, 2008

snake bike!

i just wanted to share a photo of the snake bike that i helped put together with the Austin Bike Zoo last december. jeremy and sachi engineered the snake's infrastructure, sachi and him welded it all together and it was my job to turn it into a giant snake. i had a month to do it and a decent budget. in order to make the snake's head i made a scale model of it out of bailing wire and used this awesome little tubing bender to bend various widths of steel tubing then brazed it all together. then we stretched some fabric over it and used some lenses from a traffic light as the eyes and longhorns for the fangs! that thing is texas as all get out!
theres a seat mounted on skateboard wheels that rolls on a track in the bottom jaw so that someone (in this case sachi) can be the tongue. it works way better when she has her red pointy shoes on. so the whole thing is about 70 feet long and six people can pedal it. it's the most amazing pedal powered project that i've ever worked on! big shout out to the Austin Bike Zoo!

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