Thursday, October 23, 2008

sachi la fabulosa on the scorpion trike!

Monday, July 28, 2008

snake bike!

i just wanted to share a photo of the snake bike that i helped put together with the Austin Bike Zoo last december. jeremy and sachi engineered the snake's infrastructure, sachi and him welded it all together and it was my job to turn it into a giant snake. i had a month to do it and a decent budget. in order to make the snake's head i made a scale model of it out of bailing wire and used this awesome little tubing bender to bend various widths of steel tubing then brazed it all together. then we stretched some fabric over it and used some lenses from a traffic light as the eyes and longhorns for the fangs! that thing is texas as all get out!
theres a seat mounted on skateboard wheels that rolls on a track in the bottom jaw so that someone (in this case sachi) can be the tongue. it works way better when she has her red pointy shoes on. so the whole thing is about 70 feet long and six people can pedal it. it's the most amazing pedal powered project that i've ever worked on! big shout out to the Austin Bike Zoo!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

up till dawn

k-bar and i have switched to a nocturnal schedule to have quiet space to work on our poster. Instead of drinking caffeine i've been taking midnight rides on my bike and it wakes me right up! i also added a switch today to be able to have music without the lights in the daytime. the front headlight always stays on though. i figured it can't hurt to have that on all the time. the led's that i got from are super brite! you can even see them in the daytime, but at night they're impossilble to ignore.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

ufo bike lights!

I coated the top edge of my cart bike with tons of led's! Now I'll be like a beacon in the night on the road!

the lights use the same battery as my soundsystem: a cordless tool battery

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

diy bike projects

This blog is dedicated to exhibiting some of the cargo bike and bike related designs that i've come up with over the years and giving folks information on how they can make their own

This first project is a shopping cart bike that i made in Philly with some of the folks from neigboorhood bike works. Its a longjohn type frame made by extending the front of a 20" dirtbike that happened to have cantelever brake posts and enough room in the back to put a wheel with gears.

The linkage underneath the cart allows the wheel on the front of the bike to be controlled from the handle bars behind the cart. the linkage is made with a coaster brake arm at the bottom of the rear steering tube that connects to the fork via a link rod that has 2 small ball joints to keep the steering smooth and tight.
This next project is a DIY portable sound system. It consists of an amp6 basic kit that i got from housed in the green tin, a juice bottle for the mid range and tweeter speakers and a 3 gallon jug for the base bin. the power comes from a 12v cordless drill battery.
in order to connect to the cordless drill battery i used a regular wall plug!
and strapped it on with inner tube...